We provide a wide range of construction support, inspection and marine survey services, including the following:


Construction Diving

  • HSE Surface Supplied
  • HSE SCUBA HSE Surface Supplied
  • Subsea Tools Assessment
  • Welding & Burning, Rigging & Slinging
  • First Aid at Work

Underwater Inspections

Inspection, Sandblasting and Painting Services
Operation and manpower supplied which include these specific areas:

  • ROV Platform and Template Inspections
  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • NDT Surveys
  • Subsea Assets GIS Data Management
  • Sandblasting and Painting (jackets, Modules, tanks, silos, pipes, and vessels)
  • Repairing and Touching Up (jackets, Modules structures)

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Services

Highly trained personnel operate Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV s) for inspection and construction activities.
Typical projects would involve:

  • Pre-installation Surveys
  • Burial Assessment Surveys
  • Pipe & Cable Lay Monitoring
  • BMS & TMS Services
  • Jacket & Subsea Templates Installation
  • FPSO Installation support
  • Trenching & Dredging Surveys
  • ROV Sonar Search for lost objects
  • Salvage
  • ROV Digital Video Surveys

Consultation of Offshore Engineering and Construction Projects

Oceanographic Surveys, Including Seabed mapping

Oceanographic Surveys
  • Seabed mapping with multibeam sonar
  • Site Surveys
  • Debris & Wreck Surveys
  • Dredging & Trenching Surveys

Underwater Maintenance and Project Support

Provide experienced and qualified diving and supervisory personnel as required for
  • Maintenance and inspection of pipeline, Jackets, Risers, SBM, CBM, spool piece and compass swing
  • Historical salvage operation
  • Anode cleaning and inspection
  • Scrap metal salvage work

Underwater Services: Diving

Conduct three different types of diving work:
  1. Surface Air Diving (Shallow water diving, maximum depth of 50 meters, HSE Regulations)
    The divers perform shallow water assignments such as:
    • Jacket maintenance and inspection
    • Riser maintenance and inspection
    • Shallow water pipe maintenance and inspection
    • Construction of Riser and installation of Jacket, offshore
    • Installation and maintenance of offshore pipeline
    • Maintenance of Stinger during pipe lay on barge
    • Laying of shallow fibre optic cable
    • Maintenance of SBM & CBM (oil & gas platforms)
    • Inspection and maintenance of vessel hull
    • Inspection and maintenance of power plant intakes and industrial outfalls
    • Salvage works shallow water

  2. Mixed Gas Diving (maximum depth of 100 meters) Open or Closed Bell
    Assignments performed are similar to those listed under saturation diving assignments
    • Construction of Risers and installation of Jackets
    • Installation and maintenance of offshore pipeline
    • Laying of fibre optic cable
    • Inspection of Jackets and Risers

  3. Saturation Diving (Maximum depth of human begin can withstand)
    We also perform deep sea assignments:
    • Deep sea pipeline maintenance and inspection
    • Well maintenance
    • Platform jackets maintenance and inspection
    • Installation and maintenance of Jackets & offshore facilities
    • Installation and maintenance of offshore Pipeline
    • Laying of fibre optic cable
    • Inspection of Jackets and Risers


Providing dredging services which can include but are not limited to:
  • Dredging around water intakes
  • Maintenance dredging for docks, marinas, canals, lakes and ponds
  • Construction and dredging of settling ponds
  • Environmentally safe removal of hazardous materials
  • Water tank, intake and wet well cleaning
  • Restoration of eroded areas
  • Embankment reconstruction
  • Shoreline protection
  • Dredging services for Sawmills, Pulp mills
  • Dredging services vital to maintaining efficient performance of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment systems, lagoons, lakes and waterways